Life is our source of inspiration

We are an Italian family-run company with a long tradition. Our relationship with the children’s world is based on a specific philosophy, i.e. transforming the concepts of protection, growth, and development into products of everyday use. We provide children with all the tools to improve selfconfidence and explore the world right from birth: exactly as parents do. This is why we observe them closely in the childcare setting, to find innovative solutions that meet everyday requirements. Our taste for beautiful things done well has always accompanied us from the very beginning


We have grown up taking care of little ones

Brevi is one of Italy’s leading companies in the babycare industry. The Brevi family has been at the helm of the company for 60 years. The second generation, Mauro, Giampietro and Ester, has now taken over, giving new impetus to the values of the founding shareholders. Today Brevi has consolidated its presence in 58 countries across the world with a range of over 200 childcare products from birth to 3 years of age. Brevi focuses on every aspect of a child’s growth: going out for a stroll, baby care, playtime, relaxing at home, and travelling in the car. We at Brevi explore every aspect of the relationship between parents and their children. This allows us to provide excellent design products with full attention to your baby’s comfort and safety. International markets have recognised our identity, which has remained consistent over time and can be summarised in the dynamic balance between quality and passion

Our Vision

We imagine a bright, colourful, elegant, and light-hearted world with new solutions to bring joy and wellbeing in every family’s life, every day

Our mission

We are a dynamic and innovative company that creates products for the wellbeing of children and their parents to improve their quality of life