Many stories make our history

Brevi was founded in 1954 by Giuliano Brevi, who had a passion for plastic and metal processing, in collaboration with his brothers, Attilio and Romano. The company stemmed from an idea: making childcare products, such as high chairs and beds, no longer with wood, but with plastic and metal. The founder’s creativity led to the development of an entrepreneurial activity based on innovative style and products, which have been part of parents’ everyday lives for generations

Brevi was founded. A company that, right from the very beginning, has combined innovation and passion in a family setting that has always defined its identity

Grembolone, the first high chair with foldup frame made of polyurethane foam with no rigid parts inside. Quite an innovation for that time. It was presented to the public via a televised campaign

Scout, the first book folding bed

Weekend and Travel B, the first umbrella folding beds in Europe with a carry bag

Idea, the world’s first drawer unit with bath and changing mat

Inauguration of the new plant in Grumello (Bergamo)

The company keeps expanding.Inauguration of a new production plant in Palosco (Bergamo)

Brevi keeps expanding its range with 8 new stroller and pram models

Slex, the multiposition high chair. A new way for young children to stay at the table with the rest of the family. A huge commercial success

Soft & Play, the first playpen with integrated play mat and activity centre

Unification of the production units in a new industrial plant covering a total surface of 35,000 . The new headquarters has allowed us to integrate all the production phases into one plant and to improve logistics with the creation of 15 ramps.

Implementation of the lean production method, inspired by the Toyota Production System, which aims at minimising and gradually eliminating waste

OKI b.fix, Europe’s first antibacterial, anti-allergic and breathable car seat

Hello Kitty collection, Brevi design and the planet’s most popular pop icon team up. Launch of the new range of antibacterial car seats

Slex becomes Slex Evo, an integrated system for your child’s mealtime, sleep time, and even relaxation, from birth to preschool and beyond

Keith Haring Collection, the encounter between the Brevi design and the graffiti artist of graffiti.

Boomerang, Brevi’s new city stroller. Its designer earns the prestigious Red Dot Award

Althea and Miou, the new swings equipped with remote control and double power sourse; Brevi develops further its Playtime and Relax range with four new activity centers Soft& Play

Brevi expands its range of car seats with two new models: CX Isofix tt Group 1 with double side protection in case of lateral impact, guaranteed by its energy absorbing shell and its low center of gravity to the seat. Tazio Isofix tt Group 1/2/3, the reclining car seat with 5 points safety harness that can be used up to 25 Kg

Birth of Nanna oh, the made in Italy side bed crib with rocking function and Mini Large the super light stroller with its 3,8 kg and the its 36 cm seat, which is pretty large for this category.

Brevi has been acquired by Phi Industrial, an industrial investment fund with headquarters in Milan, Barcelona and Madrid. Phi Industrial supports the management team of the portfolio companies in creating sustainable value through growth of the organization, products and connection with the market and customers. The fund already has some Italian industries within its portfolio and with Brevi it will be investing in new challenges in the market of childcare products.

The world is our outlet

We took our first steps in the province of Bergamo and now we have taken the world. A continuous and consistent growth, which has allowed us to consolidate our presence in 58 countries in four continents. However, we have never forgotten our original values and our passion for innovation. The same values and passion that make us look into a bright future