Made with Italian passion

There is a typically Italian way of doing things, which can be summed up in the word “passion”. Attention to every detail, the natural inclination for beauty and an approach to life that focuses on human relationships and the family are some of the aspects that define it. This is what BREVI has always done, creating products for children that are easy to use, beautiful to look at and safe. Because safety is also part of our DNA, and anyone who knows an Italian mother knows it. After all, love and protection are the other names of passion.


Our source of inspiration is life

We are an Italian company with a long tradition. Our relationship with the world of children stems from a precise philosophy: to transform the concepts of protection, growth and development into everyday products. We want to offer children, from birth, the tools to increase self-confidence and confidence in exploring the world: what mum and dad have always done. This is why we carefully observe their gestures in the care of children, trying to find the most innovative solutions close to the needs of every day. With a taste for beauty and well-made things that have accompanied us from the beginning of our history.

Cute baby boy, playing with toys in a sunny living room, lying down on the sofa
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We grew up thinking of the little ones

Brevi is among the first Italian companies, leader in products for early childhood. Today Brevi is present in many countries around the world, with a range of over 200 products for early childhood, from birth up to 3 years of age. Brevi takes care of every aspect of growth, with products for walking, care, play and relaxation at home and travel by car. Exploring every area of ​​the relationship between parents and children, Brevi seeks excellence in design, always with the utmost attention to the comfort and safety of the child. International markets have recognized and appreciated a coherent and constant identity over time, which can be summed up in the dynamic balance between quality and passion, without compromise.